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RPAW Animal
Wellness Center

RPAW Animal Wellness center is located in Columbus, MN. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 veterinary clinic focused on providing discounted services for animal rescue organizations and shelters. We are able to provide those services thanks to an all volunteer staff and the donations of the community. In the future, we will also be providing low-cost preventative care for the general public.

Our Mission

RPAW and RPAW Animal Wellness Center

Rescued Pets Are Wonderful (RPAW) rescue as been around since 2004. In 2020 they decided to focus on major medical and senior cases. When COVID hit, the veterinary industry was all but taken out. The burn out rates and staff shortages where so high, local clinics barely hung on by a thread. The effects on client/patient services were unmistakable. The effects on rescue organizations were devastating. Being a rescue that focuses on mainly medical cases, it was almost impossible to find care in a timely fashion. RPAW rescue decided in 2023 that creating a facility to provide those necessary services to their own animals. This is where the RPAW Animal Wellness Center was born. It is a 501(c)3 non profit organization separate from the rescue. They went even further and wanted to include offering those discounted services to other rescue organizations and shelters. The goal is not only to give those organizations an affordable option, but also to lighten the load for the local veterinary clinics. This way they are able to provide service and care to their regular patients in a timely manner. Ultimately RPAW Animal Wellness Center will offer low cost preventative care services to the general public. This will allow the local veterinary clinics to provide chronic care medical services and more urgent sick patient care to their longtime clients in a more efficient and effective manner.

Our Services

For Rescue Organizations/Shelters:

Dental Services
Blood/Urine/Fecal/Skin Testing
X-rays (coming soon)
Preventative Medications
Specialty Surgeries (coming soon)
Ultrasound (coming soon)

For General Public:

In the coming future, we will offer low-cost preventative care only (vaccines, yearly tests, spay/neuter, heartworm/flea/tick prevention)

Our Services

Pet Health Information

Interactive Animal

Breed Info

Pet Health Articles

Health Checker

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Rescued Pets Are Wonderful

Ready to Help or Adopt? We are a non-profit, no-kill, volunteer animal rescue organization serving the Twin Cities metro area.

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Columbus, MN


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